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Roll Of Honour 2022

A special mention to our supporters


Welcome to the 2022 Roll of Honours page. Below you’ll find a special mention to those who have made a substantial donation or supported us in 2022. Each and every one of you make such a difference to Defibrillators For All. You are extremely appreciated and we thank you for your involvement.

Burnt House Wind Farm £4000 (for security cameras)

Perkins Engines £1000

Whittlesey Disabled and over 60 club £500

Forterra Funded a defibrillator and cabinet for Whittlesey Manor Bowls Club

New Queen Street Surgery Patient Participation Group £775

Domino Pizza Kirat Inder Toor £750 and donated free Pizza’s

New Queen Street Surgery raised £187.10 from a chocolate raffle

Whittlesey Chilminders donated £180

Sheena Smith donated £200 in memory of her husband

Whittlesey Manor Bowls Club donated £171 (in return for CPR and AED training)

Whittlesey town Bowls Club £100 (defib supplied)

Graham Moores £196 donation

Jane, Wayne and Lisa donated £600 in memory of Ernie Gale

AB Texel £500 (in return for CPR and AED training)

Decoy Lakes and Fenland Electrical (in return for CPR and AED training)

Co-Op £3539.71 (to train local schoolchildren if first aid)

All those that subscribe to the lottery (this helps us raise in excess of £1000 per year)


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